Twenty20 Pro Cycling Team

American Women’s Professional Cycling Team TWENTY20 is arguably one of the world’s most dynamic and successful professional cycling organizations. TWENTY20’s team members have won medals at the previous three Olympic Games. These female athletes have continued to dominate international competition in 2019 and they are on track for more GOLD in Tokyo. TWENTY20 offers a meaningful active lifestyle platform that connects the international cycling audience, endurance sports enthusiasts, female athletes and Olympic fans. Brand partners have an opportunity to empower the most successful American women’s professional, junior and Para athletes while demonstrating social responsibility, philanthropy and community involvement.

The rise of female athletes contributes to the progression of women in other fields.

The Team

  • One of the world’s most dynamic pro cycling organizations
  • Olympic GOLD Medalists & World Champions
  • Only pro team with an integrated junior development program
  • Only pro team to include Paralympic riders
  • 1st rider in history to win 3 Olympic GOLD medals in the same discipline
  • 1st rider in history to win dual Junior World Championships
  • Elite performance, community building, education

The Opportunity

  • Connect your brand with the global cycling audience & Olympic fans
  • Empower female athletes
  • Reach confident, goal-oriented women
  • Platform for health & wellness
  • Active lifestyle driven content with successful female influencers
  • Endurance sports consumer engagement
  • Philanthropic Benefits 501c3

Activation & Engagement

Content: Customizable messaging, video storytelling, social engagement, immersive experience

Uniform: Logo exposure 365 days-a-year, branded training apparel, race jerseys, shorts, helmets, warm-ups

Travel: Branded casual wear, T-shirts, jackets, luggage

Printed & Digital Collateral: Event posters, team letterhead, press materials, website, online store

Team Vehicles: 4 branded vehicles

Social Media: TWENTY20 Team website, individual athlete channels, co-sponsor collaboration

America's Top UCI Women's Cycling Team


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