Tim Don

Ironman World Record Holder, 3x Olympian, 4x World Champion - Habitual Triathlon Champion

Tim Don is an Ironman Champion and current World Record Holder, a multi-time Olympian, a multi-time World Champion, and one of triathlon's favorite professionals.  Known as "The Don", he is without doubt one of the best all-round and accomplished athletes in the sport.  In his early racing years, Tim was a marked man on the ITU circuit with consistent podiums, 3 Olympic Games selections and 4 World Titles.  Most athletes would call that a successful career, not The Don.

Tim made the smooth transition to the Half distance (70.3) racing where he was once again marked as a man to beat.  After a few "learning" seasons at the "middle" distance racing style, Don made the leap to Ironman racing.  His results outside of Kona have been impressive thus far, with a debut win, 2nd place at a regional championship and then a huge, breakthrough victory in 2017 that netted him the current Ironman World Record; only his 5th attempt at the full Ironman distance.

After a bronze medal at the Ironman 70.3 World Champions in Sept 2017, The Don was flying high heading into Ironman Hawaii, the sport's biggest stage.  Sadly, a truck ran Tim over while training on his bike, breaking a vertebrae in his neck.  Tim elected to secure his neck with a Halo device for the purposes of making an unheard of full return to Ironman racing. In 2018, The Don's goals include lining up at the Ironman Hawaii in October, simply an amazing feat given his serious injury 12 months prior.  The Man with The Halo documentary was released shortly after Tim completed the Boston Marathon, 6 months after the accident.  His 2:49 in Boston was incredible considering (he was in a Halo) the rainy, cold conditions and very little training.  The film was released on Red Bull TV, Themanwiththehalo.com, and youtube and has garnered unprecedented numbers of views for a sub-30 minute documentary on a pro triathlete and in only a few months.  The media storm that has followed this story has as big as it gets; New York Times, Daily Mail, BBC, RedBull, AP, ABCNews, LondonReal, Outside Magazine, the largest news sites in Germany, Spain, The UK, and hundreds more. 

 Tim's quest will continue in Hamburg in late July 2 as his first return to full distance Ironman and potential ticket back to Kona. 

It seems with time, Tim is only getting faster.  Certainly, this is scary news for his competitors.  And with the new found drive, post accident - this is a story that eclipses sport!

Tim by the Numbers

  • 3 Number of Olympic Games Tim as competed at
  • 7:40:23 Ironman World Record at 2017 IM Brasil 
  • 4 Number of World Championship Titles
  • 3:46:60 Personal best at 1500 meters
  • 3rd Place at 2014 and 2017 IM 70.3 World Champs
  • 2 countries wanting to claim the Don for their own!
  • 5 screws that pierced Tim's skull for 3 months while in the halo
  • 10 million views ofThe Man With The Halotrailers and documentary

Ironman World Record Holder Tim Don

Tim Don, 3x Olympian, 4x World Champion and Ironman World Record Holder was hit by a truck days before the Ironman World Championships in 2017.  He broke his neck and was put in a Halo for 3 months.  We made a documentary about his journey in The Man with The Halo and now Tim has started his comeback in 2018.  Great sponsorship opportunities are available for Tim's return to Kona 2018.  

Speaking and Appearances

Tim Don is an accomplished speaker (lots of practice when you have won so many races!) and is available for select appearances.  His Man with The Halo documentary was a smashing success due to Tim's character on camera and personality that people love

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