Team Wurtele

Canadian Super Couple – Ironman and 70.3 Champions

Heather and Trevor Wurtele have been fan and brand favorites since turning full-time professionals in 2009.  Initially living out of their small RV, they quickly proved to be among the best Ironman athletes in the world.  Since then they have collected too many half/70.3 wins to count and seven Ironman titles.  Heather has been top 3 in the world at IM 70.3 distance over the past 6 years.

Team Wurtele by the Numbers

  • 6 Number of Ironman’s Heather has won
  • 150,000 (and counting) Views on Trevor's YouTube video channel
  • 1st Heather’s 2016 Ironman 70.3 Pro Rankings
  • 3 Podium performances for Heather at  the Ironman 70.3 World Champs
  • 5X Named Canada's Long Course Triathletes of the Year

The Athletes

Heather and Trevor together as Team Wurtele represent triathlon's one of triathlon's finest characteristics, family.  They discovered triathlon together and have excelled with world-class results all over the world.   

The TW Brand

Heather and Trevor Wurtele are some of the most intriguing professional athletes on the circuit due to their wit, humor, and ability to connect with fans.  Their race RV became synonymous with professional 'Iron couple' race team, often times competing together at venues around the world.  

The Socially Engaged Trend Setters

Team Wurtele pioneered the term 'traveling athletes' well before #VanLife was a thing.  Selling their home, acquiring a RV and hitting the open road to train, race, and repeat.  TW's ventures are globally followed w Envy and together they are some of the highest socially engaged athletes on the professional circuit.  #WhoDoesn'tLoveCanadians?

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