Rob Gray

South African Rob Gray is not your typical resident of Boulder, Colorado, although I wouldn’t say he is atypical either.  Boulder is called the Endurance Sports Capital of the world and many quintessential endurance loving residents of all levels do in fact live here.  But only one carries the accolades of father of two, Rob Gray.

A Marketing Manager at tech giant Google by day, a Ultraman World Champion by night…..or at least during his ‘downtime’.  Rob Gray has done the impossible; Win a World Title at one of the longest, hardest endurance races on the planet (The Ultraman) while working full time.  Literally representing the working class endurance Athlete (pun intended), Rob is a weekend warrior with Moneyball skills.  Studying the Hawaiian Ultraman course, Gray methodically mapped out his strategy of how to train specifically for the course, and how to balance his training intensities with the time he had around office hours.  His strategy worked and in 2017,  Gray took the Ultraman World Champion professional title and became an overnight hero of weekend warriors everywhere

Rob By the Numbers

  • 2  Number of jobs Rob holds compared to most professional Ultraman Athletes
  • 1 Ultraman Athlete in the World 
  • 3 triathlon distance versatility (Ironman, Ultraman, Xterra)

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