Radka (Vodičková) Kahlefeldt

Olympian, Middle Distance Rocket, SuperMom

A native of the Czech Republic but a self-professed athletic nomad, Vodickova is happiest when she steps up to a race start line, something she does with surprising frequency and equal success. The 2012 Olympian and former ITU star has tallied double-digit victories in both Olympic and half iron-distance racing in the past few years–and that’s on top of an already impressive resume of ITU 1st-place and podium finishes. The tall, exotic beauty’s ever-present smile belies the fierce competitor beneath–she’s equally respected for her sparkly personality as for her unquestionable athletic skill.  In Jan 2018, Radka introduced Ruby to the world and within months found herself back on the top of the podium, marking an incredible accomplishment of winning a Ironman 70.3 just 10 weeks after giving birth!   The Rads has become the ultimate SuperMom in the eyes of triathlon fans, producing her best and most consistent results the past 18 months - often times with little Ruby in toe.  

Radka by the Numbers

  • 10 Number of podium finishes in 2014
  • 15+ Times Radka typically races per year
  • >6th Place at 2014 70.3 World Champs (1st attempt)
  • 8 Podium finishes in 2015 (spent half the year recovering from injury)
  • 10 Podium finished in 2016
  • 1 daughter, Ruby, born Jan 2018
  • 2018 HIG Athlete of the year with more than 7 professional wins!
  • 3rd Season in a row with an Unstoppable streak.  Stepping up to Ironman in 2020

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