Race With Legends at Patagonman

Possibly the Planet's Most Epic Triathlon

In the south of the world, in a place called Chile…

Deep in Patagonia, still un-corrupted, un-tamed and un-touched places guard landscapes of indescribable beauty. Glaciers, rugged mountains, wildlife, lakes, ice fields and rivers set the scenery for an extraordinary dream. Only 300 athletes will be selected (lottery) from all over the world to meet here and to challenge themselves in an unprecedented event within the settings of nature. A new generation of athletes acting on their dreams to find their mental and physical boundaries… and to push farther, than they ever had before. PATAGONMAN brings triathlon back to its roots and inspire us for a better future.

While only in it's second year, the PATAGONMAN has already established itself as one of the most respected venues on earth in the Xtreme triathlon category. With a nod to the legendary Norseman triathlon and races like Alaskaman, the PATAGONMAN crafts its status as the premier Xtreme Triathlon event in South America with the iconic Patagonia Mountains as the race's backdrop. With such a successful launch of PATAGONMAN in 2018, the demand by multisport enthusiasts from around the world has grown to well beyond the 300 available slots. Racing with Team Don or Team Mau provides an opportunity for the discerning athlete to prepare under the direction of two of the most successful professional triathletes on the circuit, enjoy an intimate team camaraderie and social experiences along the PATAGONMAN journey, a Team sponsor gear package, complete an iconic endurance race (2019 Patagonman on Dec 1, 2019), and to support a local Chilean charity as part of this inaugural Race with Legends Experience. 

Full information about this exclusive opportunity can be found at RaceWithLegends.com

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