Bruckner Chase

Bruckner is an ocean advocate, endurance athlete and influencer who is internationally recognized as a speaker and educator in the areas of ocean science, coastal safety, conservation and sport.   A former Division 1 collegiate swimmer, exercise physiologist and professional triathlete, Bruckner continues to pursue ultra-distance ocean adventures around the world.  He competes internationally in surf lifesaving sports with the broader mission of using these athletic endeavors to positively impact everyone’s connection to our aquatic world and communities.  Beyond the sport and conservation world Bruckner served as an executive in retail development for large, national retailers.

Bruckner founded the Ocean Positive Foundation with the commitment to positively impact how we all feel, think and act towards our oceans and communities.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) partners with Bruckner to enhance their engagements with communities throughout the country on coastal issues, and he recently lead the creation of their groundbreaking new a safety film collection which he also hosts, “Wave Safe with Bruckner Chase,” an innovative social science and geographic based approach to educating and protecting those who livealong or visit America’s favorite coasts.  Bruckner’s personal mantra continues to drive all of his professional and philanthropic initiatives, “What we do IN the ocean makes us athletes.  What we do FOR the oceans and FOR our communities makes us Watermen and Waterwomen.”

Throughout 2020, Bruckner’s work will include projects for NOAA, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Red Bull, GU Energy Labs, Surf Life Saving Australia, Bacharach Rehabilitation Hospital and the Smithsonian Institute, among others.  His expertise positions him as a visible brand ambassador, influencer and expertspeaker on diverse topics such as ocean safety, endurance sports,social impact, individual empowerment, business development, team building, program creation and sustainability.

Bruckner Chase Speaking Samples:

Blue Ocean Film Festival

Blue Mind; Blue Journey  

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