The Colorado Classic is AWESOME for Women's Sport

Published July 22nd, 2019 by Hig

One of the most unique moves in the 2019 cycling industry comes from the organization behind the Colorado Classic bike race, the annual multi-stage event across the centennial state and one of the largest races on the US professional circuit.   The world's best cycling teams love this race for the US scenery but also because Colorado is a massive cycling industry state and therefore kicks out a great fan base.  Most of the top teams at the Tour de France have fielded squads in the past, but this year......there is something a bit different with the event format.  It's Women's only!  Talk about flipping an industry on its head.  Cycling, like a lot of sports, is mostly male dominated.   But with the recent uptick of women's rights awareness campaigns and high-profile influencers like the US Women's Soccer Team, the 2019 edition of the Colorado Classic deserves a round of sincere applause.  The momentum and growth of Women's sports infrastructure won't slow anytime soon and at some point, the Colorado Classic will be noted as a small but important milestone in the trajectory towards equal.   This August, I hope cycling fans follow the trend of Women's soccer and break the all-time viewing records of a bike race in the US.  Cycling could use the boost.  

Check out this short video about Team Sho-Air's Twenty20's Erica Clevenger and what the Colorado Classic means to her.  #Twenty20  #PartnershipOpportunities 


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