Pearson Locked and Loaded for Tokyo

Published May 19th, 2021 by Humaninterestadmin

USA Triathlon special recruit, 27 yr old Morgan Pearson, was by no means a shoo-in for a 'triathlete' when the National Governing Body recruited the collegiate runner out of the famed University of Colorado as part of their 2020 Olympic campaign.  Pearson had to learn to swim and bike with the best in the world while not losing his niche discipline; gazelle-like run speed.   But as the old saying goes, winners find ways to win.  And Pearson is doing just that.  He's winning with triathlon fans all over the world and just this past weekend, all the hard work and lead-in setbacks came head-to-head with a kid, err I mean man, that has the determination of an enlightened pitbull.   

With so many athletes being thrown off by the scheduling irregularities of Covid, Pearson came into Yokohoma knowing he had done the work, but not necessarily having the same past perspective as if there had already been a series of races leading up to qualification; Thus, he wasn't able to test and fine-tune his race form, get a peek on the competition, and get back in the regular swing of competing with the fastest swim, bike, & runners in the world...often in far aways places requiring hard travel (not to mention the Covid travel bs).   But with all things being equal, Pearson solidified his spot in the ('21) Tokyo Olympics by grabbing a bronze medal in the Yokohama triathlon series...only the 3rd time in history for the US men.  Bravo Morgan!! We are so proud of you!

Full stories here:  NBC. and USAT

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