Oakland A's Offer Suites for Bitcoin

And you thought you might have seen everything when it comes to the crazy things people are buying with Bitcoin: Lambos, Pizzas, Real Estate, art.....we've seen a lot of categories start to accept the most popular cryptocurrency on the planet.   Especially in our space, sport.  While the Carolina Panthers are paying players in Bitcoin, NFT's are selling like crazy in the NBA and Ronaldo is receiving his all-time goal-scoring title by way of a crypto reward, the Oakland A's might have just taken the level up a notch.  For the bargain price of 1 BTC, you can get a sweet suite in the Oakland A's home stadium.  The fiat figure was pegged at ~$65,000 USD, which is not too far off from BTC's current trading price (58k as of today)....but the question is, who would use BTC to pay for something like this?  Well you see, there are crypto options these days.  For example, you can convert USD to BTC and then pay the A's for the suite...thus not using any of your long-term BTC holdings i.e. not selling an asset that could (will) gain significant value over the next year.  With all the instant settlement technology today, one can make a BTC transaction fairly seamless and not have to worry about selling yourself short (or long:).  For more information on instant settlement, give us a shout here

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