Kyle Coon Digs Deep for Big Win in Yokohama

Published May 20th, 2021 by Humaninterestadmin

We are massive fans of Kyle Coon.  Not just because of his racing prowess or the obstacles in life he has overcome, but because he is one of the best personalities we've ever worked within triathlon.   We have a saying around the HIG office; When you speak to Kyle, you can't help but smile.  Well....last weekend, our smiles were so wide, even the Joker would be envious.  Kyle won in Yokohama and battled with Jose Luis Garcia Serrano all day long to earn a hard-fought victory.  Equally skilled on the guitars he is on the racecourse, Kyle Coon has some incredible partnership opportunities leading into the '2020' Tokyo ParaOlympic Games this fall. 

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