EnduranceTV Feature The Don In The Outlaw Triathlon

Published November 1st, 2020 by Humaninterestadmin

EnduranceTV, a premier content provider out of the UK focused on unique stories from the world of Endurance Sport, released a well timed documentary on the struggles of professional racers in amongst the cancel culture of races in 2020.  The documentary features 4x World Champion Tim Don and is entitled, Tim Don Processing; The Road to Outlaw Triathlon. 

As one of the most beloved professionals in the sport (and easily one of the best on camera), The Don is almost known as much for his wise, transparent, and funniest professional triathletes as he is for his 4 world titles, GB Olympic representation, smashing the Ironman World Record and of course, his infamous Halo comeback story.   EnduranceTV does an Incredible

job with this one. Check it out here:

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