Dave Scott / Mark Allen Featured on The Move Podcast

Published August 21st, 2019 by Hig

As the two Ironman legends head into the 30th anniversary of the infamous 1989 IronWar this October, triathlon historian Scott Zagarino has commissioned first hand accounts of the perhaps Ironman's most famous day.  While many triathlon fans think they have heard the IronWar story, many of the facts have been skewed over the years, fabricated like folklore, especially for commercial gain by third parties who were not even there!   This September, keep an eye out for weekly blogs and first hand accounts of the behind-the-scenes truths leading into the race of the ages.   A longtime triathlon fan turned Tour de France Champion turned Podcaster, Lance Armstrong, featured Dave and Mark on his worldwide podcast this week.  Check it out here

You can follow the true story of the 1989 IronWar here (

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