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Influencer Events and Motivational Speaking

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"Simon's and Les' live session was highly appreciated! First of all, they are super knowledgable and able to share a bunch of insights and concrete tips - but they are also able to deliver the message in a very down-to-earth and humorous (yet serious) way. Great stuff!  - Spotify

There is no better form of influencer activation than one of our top athletes speaking to your customers or employees about how to perform consistently and stay on top of your game. Better yet, combine your keynote speaking needs with an active experiential opportunity, such as an intimate morning run with a World Champion. Could there be a better way to get the blood flowing and minds rolling at your next conference?

Professional endurance athletes, especially those who have won or competed at a world champion level, have specific intrinsic drivers and an apt for intelligent planning and goal setting that translates incredibly well in sport, business, and life. HIG’s goal with our influencer events and speaking engagements is to create one-of-a-kind opportunities for consumers to gain insider access to world leading experts in their field (such as athletes) and soak up as much information as possible while experiencing catalytic motivation from authentic personalities who have overcome adversity and reached the top of the podium.

We work closely with athletes and brands to help create these experiences at the office, at conferences or your next sales meeting. Every event is a white canvas opportunity to create something highly unique and incredibly engaging. Anywhere in the world. Tell us your vision and we will bring it to life.