Destination Training Experiences

There is no better form of intimate influencer activation than one of our top athletes spending the day (or weekend) with a group of enthusiastic consumers demonstrating their vast experience, training tips and the best strategies on how to perform consistently and stay on top of your game.   Professional endurance athletes, especially those who have won or competed at a world champion level, have specific intrinsic drivers and an apt for intelligent planning and goal setting that translates incredibly well in sport, business, and life.   HIG’s goal with our Influencer events is to create one-of-a-kind opportunities for consumers to gain insider access to world leading experts in their field (such as athletes) and soak up as much information as possible while experiencing incredible training sessions w personal feedback.  

We work closely with athletes and brands to help create these experiences in amazing destinations.  The experiences often range from single day workshops to weekend camps/retreats and are a hybrid format somewhere between a professional continuing education event, a motivational and personal development workshop (i.e. lecture and presentation) and a multi-sport training camp. Errr. with a bit of social time and some great food as well.  We have consulted and worked with these style experiences all over the world.   

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2018 Schedule

Sept 5-9, 2018  -   The Sansego Experience Park City
  Park City, Utah

Sept 13-16, 2018 -  Braver, Bolder, Stronger: A Women's Retreat
  Park City, Utah



The Sansego Experience is not your average training camp. You’ll have the opportunity to train in one of the most breathtaking regions in North America with the personal guidance of five-time Ironman and 70.3 World Champion Craig Alexander and his team of world-class coaches.

The weekend is packed full of seminars and highly valuable presentations that will help you perform at the next level, both on and off the race course! In addition to the unforgettable training sessions and education, our partnership with the LiVe Well Center allows athletes to tap into one of the world’s most respected medical doctor/endurance coaches, Dr. Max Testa. Dr. Testa and the LiVe Well Center offer a broad range of wellness services that will be available to athletes during this Sansego Experience.

This experience goes beyond triathlon and focuses on integrating the sport into life, becoming a great athlete and person. Leaving no stone unturned in your pursuit of optimal performance and optimal life.


 September 5 – 9, 2018


  LiVe Well Center – Park City
  900 Round Valley Drive
  Park City, UT 84060 


  •   * Train with Crowie and the Sansego coaches in incredible, breathtaking scenery. 
  •   * Personalized, one-on-one feedback on swim technique, bike position, and run form.
  •   * Workouts designed for all levels of athletes with SAG support.
  •   * Interactive group workshop and educations sessions focused on season planning, nutrition and strength training, bike setup, etc.
  •   * Practical bike handling skills, transition workshops, Crowie’s renowned core workout techniques, etc.
  •   * Access to Dr. Max Testa and the LiVe Well Center performance staff for a variety of valuable services.
  •   * Q&A time with Crowie and Dr. Max Testa to answer any and all your training questions.
  •   * Post camp resources that include season planning tools, race analysis and technique drills utilized by the Sansego coaches.
  •   * Swag package from the Sansego sponsors including a 3-month free subscription to the Sansego Club online community ($105 value) with significant sponsor discounts.

Coaching Staff:

  • Craig Alexander - 5x Ironman and 70.3 World Champion and Legend
  • Frank Jakobson - Sansego Lead Coach Europe
  • Ben Griffin - Sansego Lead Coach Australia
  • Dr. Max Testa - World-Renowned Medical Doctor/High Performance coach

Pricing: $1299 (Early bird discount available)

  • Regular Cost: $1299
  • Earlier bird discount: $1149 (Early bird pricing through August 13)

Additional Information:

  • Includes: All seminars, supported training sessions, food/drink, and continued access via a membership to the Sansego training community

  • Does Not Include: Airfare, accommodations* and ground transportation.

    *We offer our discounted rates at select partner properties in Park City.

Event Contact Information

Contact Name: LiVe Well Center

Contact Phone (435) 333-3535

HIG Contact



Registration Information

Early bird discount offered through August 13. Price increases to $1299 on August 14. 



Womens Emplowerment

Do you want to experience yourself as a braver, bolder, stronger, best version of you while training alongside Rachel Joyce in the beautiful mountain town of Park City, Utah? We’ve created an incredibly cool and transformative adventure ‘for’ and ‘with’ other kick-ass women. We’ll swim, bike, run, and recover over specialty workshops and presentations that explore strategies such as quieting the inner critic and strengthening our inner mentors on and off the race course.     

Designed for women, by women, we bring together the transformative powers of triathlon style training to help strong women explore much more than just improving their cadence. We believe women are incredibly powerful – when one woman succeeds, everyone succeeds. This unique weekend experience is designed for women to break through, thrive, and lead by example. The LiVe Well Center in Park City, Utah gives attendees incredible access to one of the best wellness teams in the world, including renowned performance specialist, Dr. Max Testa.

Experience incredible breakthrough training sessions, savor healthy and delicious meals, sip wine, dive deep into your greatest aspirations and find camaraderie and common ground with those around you. Aligning leadership strategies with physical activity and nutrition will help unlock the you you’ve been waiting for! The BBS Experience Park City is a one-of-a-kind offering where Brave women will leave Bolder, armed with valuable information to become Stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally and ready to tackle your biggest life goals.  


  September 13 - 16, 2018


  Park City, Utah; the perfect training destination. We’ve chosen the best roads, incredible climbs, beautiful views and epic trails for you to explore and train on.

   You’ll train alongside Ironman Champion Rachel Joyce, challenging your swimming, cycling and running skills, while also participating in leadership reflection sessions that teach you how to play to your strengths, cultivate resilience and unleash your inner warrior. You’ll dive deep into the      why, and the how strategies to thrive in life and sport with renowned leadership expert Dana Platin. Prioritize your personal wellness and develop your training with the Intermountain Healthcare LiVe Well Center that features a state-of-the-art sports performance arm overseen by Dr. Max     Testa — who has 30-years working in the sports medicine arena guiding the most elite and professional athletes in the world, yet is the most down-to-earth and caring medical doctor you will ever meet! 

  What will you take away

  •     * Daily-guided athletic and wellness sessions led by Rachel Joyce (and some fitness gains!)
  •     * Expert instruction, personal attention, skills building on how to swim braver, bike bolder, run stronger and live better.
  •     * Leadership coaching sessions.
  •     * Skills and new tools to propel forward with your professional/personal/athletic pursuits.
  •     * Strategies to build confidence and focus on what IS possible and the potential of what CAN be.
  •     * Discover the power of community, find camaraderie and discover common ground.
  •     * Expert instruction, trainings, journals, worksheets, and celebration dinner.
  •     * You will leave BRAVER, BOLDER, STRONGER and prepared for your next challenge.

Price: $1099 (Early bird discount available)

  • $1099 Regular Price
  • $999 (Early bird discount available through August 14)

Why Women?

The rise of female athletes contributes to the broader progression of women in other fields
                                  - The Daily Utah Chronicle.

When women travel and train together there is a network created, offering support, camaraderie and common ground. Confidence builds and feeds the emergence of new strategies, ideas and approaches about how to tackle challenges and tap into the best version of ourselves. Whether it’s small changes in her personal life or a new commitment to take action that positively impacts her community, this event will empower each woman to implement her new-found athletic and innate leadership skills.


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