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Published April 10th, 2018 by Hig

April - 2018 

It's with great pleasure that we update you on some positive news out of camp Don.   Tim Don is now back in some routine training, riding and running much smoother than just 3 weeks ago.  His neck appears to be less kinked (although still a ways from 100% or normal) and he feels some of the fitness coming back with the consistent training.  Swimming is still challenge with the lack of range of motion in his neck required for proper breathing, but he's managing to log some miles with the snorkel.   The documentary being produced on Tim's journey from broken neck back to the start line is coming to an end soon - cannot wait to see the final piece.  To say it's been an emotional roller coaster since last October is quite an understatement, but also incredibly inspiring.  

Last weekend, Tim hosted ON Running's CEO and founder to Boulder where they ripped a Saturday morning 19k run, enjoyed a few meals together and continued telling the Tim Don story with the Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Andrew.    On Sunday, ON Running, Jackrabbit SPorts and The Boulder Running Company tag teamed with HIG to welcome Tim's first public run at the legendary Boulder Reservoir.  About 50 people came out to support Tim, including his wife Kelly and two kids who all rocked a bit over 10k on a cool Sunday morning.  

Check out this cool write up here:   

Tim Don; The Man with the Halo is set to be released on May 28, 2018 at 7:40:23, the exact time he broke the Ironman World Record a year prior.  

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