The Man With The Halo Documentary

Published July 26th, 2018 by Hig

Watch The Man With The Halo Documentary here

If you've seen this, you likely know HIG played a major role in helping the film and story develop.  A huge thanks to ON Running and the master director Andrew Hinton who drove the project home to the success it's been. Massive Views, huge exposure, and millions of new fans for the well deserved star of the film, Tim Don.  We could not be happier that the world has been let in to see the the other side of Tim Don, not just the long time triathlete legend winning races.  The personal side of the man with his family, with his cards on the table, from one of the highest points in his career to one of the lowest, with his wise perspective and high-performance mindset and behaviors.  There is no doubt why Tim is a perennial champion in our minds, we're thrilled that so many others get to see the Tim Don we know. #LegendsNeverDie


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