The Woman's Retreat

          Experience a bravHer, boldHer, strongHer You


                                     Coming Soon: Spring 2018

The Experience:   The-first-of-it’s-kind, The Women’s Retreat is more than a simple training camp to boost your fitness. This is going to ignite your souls by bringing together the transformative powers of endurance training with serious empowerment sessions to improve all aspects of your life.   Whether your go-to thing is business, fitness, family, or all of the above – this event will supercharge your mind and kickstart your progress towards your most passionate goals.  Oh and also, a little 'me-time' is nice too, right? 

Each day will feature options such as cycling, hiking, running, swimming, mindfulness and more to raise your current fitness level as well as teaching you how to prepare smarter for better results.  To make you a stronger version of yourself,  The Women's Retreats bring highly intuitive sessions on overcoming your fears, optimizing the path to your goals, expanding your comfort zone, and leadership strategies for women to empower all aspects of life.   All of this will be in the comfort of a supportive network of motivated experts that will help you succeed beyond expectation.   The opulent and mountainous Arizona desert and southwestern sunshine will make a fantastic backdrop to this Weekend Experience.  

The Mentors:  The experience will be led by two amazing women: five-time IRONMAN champion and mother Rachel Joyce will be joined by Dana Platin, Director of the Warmi Project, executive leadership coach and fellow IRONMAN athlete.  Both women are ecstatic to share their passion-driven effective mastery strategies with you, developed through their own high-achieving experiences. Along with seminars, you’ll have the chance to connect individually with Rachel and Dana throughout the camp. 

Read more about Rachel and Dana (Circle profiles of Rachel and Dana)   

The Venue and Food: The experience will be based out of Tucson, Arizona, one of the best winter training grounds for endurance athletes. Under the warm Arizona sun, you will swim outdoors, hike and run on beautiful trails and summit the iconic Mt. Lemon.

After the day is done, relax at the beautiful Tucson resort.  

Of course a well fed body is key to top level physical and mental performance. Each day will feature high-quality, delicious food with options to fit all dietary needs.  Dinners are gems at The Women's Retreat Experiences; curated local restaurant that focus on delicious, healthy offerings mixed with fun, efficient vibes

Networking: We believe that by connecting you with others, you will have a support network that will help you over the long term. To solidify those connections, we will facilitate direct networking, both pre and post event. You’ll come away with mentors and friendships that will last a lifetime. 

                                                    The Schedule  

Thursday, February 22 

3:00-6:00PM Arrival
6:00-7:00PM Meet and Greet (Wine and non-alcoholic drink options) 7:00-7:30PM Welcome (Rachel and Dana to kick it off and provide overview focus and goals for 3-day camp.) 
7:30-8:00PM Dinner (Healthy menu, have protein, veggies, light carb and healthy dessert (and of course dark chocolate) 
8:00-9:30PM Session #1  Remember Why You Started (Session with Rachel around ‘Why We Tri.’ Dana to facilitate discussion around what motivated the women in the room to begin and to stay the course. Rachel to share what sparked her to get into triathlon and stay on path. Tools to help the women remember why they started when the going gets tough or when we get off course. Segue into The Power of Community- Facilitate discussion around knowledge, strengths, passions and skills of the group applied to training, racing and life and how to leverage that during the camp. We should have at least 100 years of experience in the room and the goal of the camp is to discover the common ground women have as they inspire, motivate and empower one another. 

Friday, February 23
6:30-7:30AM Breakfast
7:30-8:00AM Prep for swim
8:00-10:00AM- Swim 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 meter options at pool. Rachel to provide technical expertise, and provide workout. During workout help provide feedback on participants technique. 1
0:00-10:30AM- Change and prep bikes and nutrition for ride
10:30-12:30PM- 20 or 30-mile option- ride back to hotel or hop in SAG 12:30-1:30PM Lunch (At hotel so Rachel can do swim analysis)
1:30-2:30PM- Siesta, get to know other women in the group, prep for swim session workout.
2:30-3:30PM- Session #2 Inner Critic vs Inner Mentor- Session around quieting the inner critic and strengthening the inner mentor (leader) on and off the race course. Rachel to share her own journey as how she ignites her inner mentor especially when faced with adversity on the race course.
3:30-3:4PM Change for stretch, core, strength session
3:45-4:45PM- Stretching, Core Strength, and Breathing exercises, practice outdoors at hotel (Rachel to lead some core strength, stretching and breathing exercises. (Can we borrow yoga mats from the hotel? Or ask women to bring with them to camp)
 4:45-6:00PM- R&R, Shower etc. 6:00-7:00 PM Happy Hour: Wine, Beers or Non-Alcohol options
7:00-8:00PM Dinner
8:00-9:00PM- Session #3 Believe to Achieve- Exercises around how to expand your comfort zone and become a little bit fear-less when it comes to life, training and/or racing. Strategies on how to navigate our obstacles, and cultivate more resilience in preparation for our big races or any big leadership opportunities or projects. Rachel to share how she approaches her comfort zone and ways to expand it little by little.

Saturday, February 24
6:30-7:30AM Breakfast
7:30-8:00AM- Prep bikes, gear, nutrition for ride
8:00-3:00PM Cycle Mt Lemon Ride with Rachel Light Lunch at the top- Chance for women to connect, chat and take awesome pictures with Rachel at the Mt Lemon summit) Ride or SAG back to hotel
3:00-4:00PM- Siesta, get to know other women in the group, prep for afternoon empowerment/hike session in the afternoon.
4:00-5:00PM- Session #4 Play Like a True Champion (outside hotel area in a nice outdoor setting, fire pit, gardens, etc) Women will explore mental skills strategies to prepare for critical moments when racing, and remaining calm and confident. Rachel to share her own race day strategies. Saturday at some point and include off-site dinner, use Mt lemon as a metaphor and reaching the top your summit.
5:00-6:00PM- R&R
6:00-8:30PM Dinner off- site to celebrate

Sunday, February 25
6:30-10:00AM- Morning sunrise hike and/or combine with trail run 10:00-11:00AM Breakfast- Session #5 Strong is the New Pretty- Healthy approaches regarding nutritional daily and training nutrition. Build in discussion around race weight, and discussion around balance for training and racing fuel. Rachel to share around her approach to daily nutrition, training and racing fuel.
11:00-12:00PM- Closing session and Next Steps: What I learned, What I take back home and How will I apply it……
12:00PM- Check out and departure

Sunday, February 25 OPTIONAL ADD-ON (more training focused*)

12:30-1:30PM Lunch
2:00-4:00PM Swim session with Rachel with one-on-one observation and feedback
4:00-4:30PM- Recovery fuel: healthy snack
4:30-5:30PM- Crush your Goals- Interactive session where the women will:

Reflect on strategies and tools that have worked in the past.
Identify 1-3 concrete race/life goals for 2018.
Develop SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, time-bound)
Design draft road map to tackle 2018 goals.
Explore strategies for self-accountability in order to make their goals stick.

About Rachel Joyce:
For the past 10 years, Britain Rachel Joyce has been pushing her limits as a professional triathlete, but her path was not simple or easy. Her first love was swimming, but in 2005 she jumped into triathlon while simultaneously pursuing her full time career as a lawyer.  Despite a full workload, Joyce won her age group at the 2006 70.3 World Championships.  In 2008 she took the plunge as a full time professional triathlete.  Her career has risen steadily, winning her first IRONMAN in Lanzarote in 2011. She has won 5 IRONMAN events in total and placed in the top three at the IRONMAN World Championships in 2013, 2014, and 2015.  In 2016, Joyce took a break from racing to start a family.  Coming back to training and racing was not easy, but Joyce pushed herself to finish three IRONMAN races in 12 weeks, winning two of them!  She has been a vocal proponent for equity in the sport of triathlon.  More about Rachel here

About Dana Platin:  A native New Yorker, Dana Platin has committed her life to helping others achieve their best. She spent 15 years with international training and leadership development programs for the Peace Corps. She has spent the majority of her time in Ecuador and the northern Andes helping indigenous women in development projects around business, leadership, and wellness. In 2001, she was part of a team of two American women and four Andean women as the first expedition of indigenous women to reach the summit of Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world at just below 20,000 feet. Now based in Denver, Colorado, Platin is the Deputy Regional Director with a US government organization.  

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