Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander

The 5x Ironman World Champion

Look far and wide and you’re unlikely to find a more humble professional athlete at the top of his class than Craig “Crowie” Alexander.  Universally admired and respected by the sporting community, his training partners and even his fiercest competitors, Crowie’s down-to-earth approach and kind, generous nature belie the intensity of his athletic drive and determination. Crowie takes nothing for granted, approaching each training session with the strictest discipline and every race with equal focus. 

His results reflect his unparalleled work ethic, as well as Crowie’s versatile talent across all triathlon distances: Three-time Ironman World Champion (2008, 2009, 2011), 2 x Ironman 70.3 World Champion (2006, 2011), three-time Australian Long Course Champion (2010, 2006, 2004), more than three dozen half Ironman victories and countless podium placings in every race format from sprint to full Ironman. The ever-modest Crowie has also received multiple prestigious sports awards and accolades and, perhaps most meaningfully, was lauded as “the first true men’s champion the sport has seen in years” by none other than Ironman legend and six-time World Champion Dave Scott.   Alexander was awarded an OAM (Order of Australia Medal) in 2015.  

When it comes to family, however, Crowie’s usual modesty is replaced by beaming pride for his wife and longtime love, Nerida, and the couple’s three spirited children, Lucy, Austin and Lani. The first family of triathlon, Team Alexander divides their time between their home country base in Australia and their adopted home-away-from-home in Boulder, Colorado.

Craig Alexander is breaking age barrier myths by todays standard of professional triathlon, as he continues to win some of the biggest races on the Ironman circuit, while balancing his fitness and wellness brand, Sansego, traveling for appearances and sponsor obligations 12 months a year as well as finding time to coach kids soccer.  As they say, Legends never die.  

Crowie by the Numbers

  • 1st Crowie’s position at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, 3 times in 5 years (2008, 2009, 2011)

  • 3 other men to achieve back-to-back victories; only 3 other men to have won Hawaii 3 x.

  • 2nd Kona attempt at which Crowie earned his first World Championship title

  • 2:41:59 Crowie’s marathon split at the 2010 Ironman World Championship

  • 8:03:54 Ironman World Championship 2011 Course Record

  • 5 Magazine Covers in the 6 weeks after winning the Ironman as the oldest male in history

  • 2nd Crowie’s place in his Kona debut (2007)

  • 200,000+ social media followers (Facebook, twitter, Crowie iphone App)

  • 50+ half Ironman distance overall victories 

  • 20 M&M candies consumed daily by Crowie

  • 44 yrs of age in 2017.  Still hitting the podium at nearly every race  #ageless