Human Interest Group is a sports marketing and business development firm focused on developing specialized projects between world-class endurance athletes, brands, and end-user consumers.



Professional Triathlon is a sports marketing and athlete management firm focused on developing specialized projects between world-class endurance triathletes, brands, and end-user consumers. Professional Triathlon focuses their attention on brand partnerships within triathlon, while managing the world’s best professional triathletes.  Their current clientele owns 15 World Championship titles and 7 Olympic Games appearances.

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 First Bourn aspires to become a widely recognized network of world-class training destinations for endurance athletes. With many supporting higher altitude training, we are focused on providing athletes the experience, accommodations and support needed to be successful in achieving a wide array of goals. First Bourn is fueling the multi-sport and endurance lifestyle and helping athletes improve and perfect individual performance – no matter what the level of fitness.

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Each athlete has his or her own challenge. The role of Team Bravo is to challenge them all, by joining forces to extrapolate limits.

Assemble a team of brave, to share experiences and sweat together to raise Brazilian triathlon and its athletes to the level of the world’s best.

Alone, a triathlete comes to a point. Together, with combined support and resources, a team can increase the limit and use the group synergy to develop further. The stronger the team, the greater the visibility that each athlete has to find sponsors and financial support.

HIG assists with the marketing and delivery of Team Bravo and does not own or manage the team.  

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The Human Interest Group’s (HIG) main office is in the popular training grounds of Boulder, Colorado.  This allows for easy access to many of their clients that train there throughout the year.  Several of the leading endurance sports companies also find homes in Boulder, which offers HIG some of the best resources in the world at their doorstep.  HIG also has an office in Boston, MA.

Address: Boulder, CO 80301 USA
Telephone: (+1) 720 323 1287
Email:  info@humaninterestgroup.org